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Kitchen Suppression System

Fires are more likely to occur in a restaurant than nearly any other kind of business. Restaurant fire suppression systems offer a unique way of suppressing a fire quickly and efficiently.

Portable Fire Extinguishers

An industrial fire extinguisher is an essential emergency item to have available in any restaurant, school, hospital, or public building. We carry fire extinguishers in many common sizes to meet your needs

Fire Alarm System

When it comes to helping your employees, tenants or guests evacuate swiftly and safely, nothing beats a well-maintained fire alarm system.

Emergency Lighting

Its function is to provide a source of lighting when the power goes out. Every model therefore needs some sort of battery or generator system that can provide power to the lights during a blackout.

Sprinkle Sytem

Safety First provides service to all types of sprinkler systems including wet, dry, pre-action, deluge and fire pumps. We service and maintain all auxiliary equipment such as backflow preventers, fire hydrants, standpipe systems. The 4 most common types of automatic fire sprinkler systems are:

Sprinkler system Inspections- Code Reference- O.F.C. Section 6 and NFPA # 13 & 25

Fire Hydrant

Fire hydrants provide an essential function in the maintenance of the water system and adequate fire protection for our community. Every year in the fall, fire hydrant inspection or “hydrant walking” is completed to ensure all fire hydrants in the system are in working order.

Special Hazard System

Safety First provides various fire suppression solutions, for all sectors of industry. Make sure that you have the proper suppression system for your environment. Let Safety First inspect your current system, and provide a detailed report.

Vehicle, Transit, Marine

Large mobile specialty vehicles such as equipment used in the mining and energy industry represent one of the highest risks of fire: They mostly operate non-stop, use many flammable liquids for their operation, generate considerable heat when in use and can be in remote areas limiting access in case of a fire.

Safety First distributes, installs and services most types of systems including Kidde Wolfpack and Ansul A101 systems.

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